Live Casino

A live casino is a section of a regular online casino site which specializes in offering live games. These live games have a real human dealer and there is a chat facility so you can actually hear what they dealer is saying and can reply back. There will also be other players who are playing with you, and you can sometimes speak to them too through the chat function. The type of games which are offered on a live casino site will vary depending on the site, but will almost always include the most popular options like poker, roulette and blackjack.

What Do I Need To Know About A Live Casino?

Do you love casino gaming? Would you like to play online but feel like you’d miss out on the real world experience of the gaming floor? A live casino is the perfect alternative for you! If you’re wondering what a live casino is, read on and discover our expert guide.

How Does A Live Casino Work?

When the first online casinos were introduced, they were relatively primitive with two dimensional games that were quite limited. However, these days, the experience is increasingly becoming more immersive to meet the demands of players who want a real world experience. This has led to the emergence of the live casino.

Rather than a standard computer interface with digital imagery of the roulette wheel or blackjack table, the live casino uses video cameras from a real world casino or from a TV studio with a genuine casino table set up inside. There is also a human dealer who operates the game.

Most live casino tables feature a minimum of three cameras. One shows the overall image, one focuses on the human dealer and one is on the game itself. There will be a director who controls which view is shown and they will also monitor the ongoing live chat conversations between dealers and players.

What Are The Live Casino Games?

The most commonly available live casino games include baccarat, roulette and blackjack as well as Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Hold-Em. There will often be several versions of each of these games, for example both American and French roulette.

Live Casino Is The Hottest Trend In The Casino Industry

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular at the moment as punters move away from the inconvenience of having to physically travel to a bricks and mortar casino to get their gaming fix. An online casino offers a host of benefits including the freedom to play at the time of your choosing, even during hours when a standard real world casino would be closed. There is also a wider array of games to pick from when you play at an online casino and for those who are worried about the etiquette of the real world gaming floor, an online casino represents the perfect solution.

While online casinos are themselves a growing trend, the hottest trend within the industry is the emergence of the live casino. More players were demanding that their user experience became closer to that which they could expect in a bricks and mortar venue. This included making the experience more immersive and opening up the possibility of chat with the dealer and the other players. This is why the live casino was born.

What Advantages Does Live Casino Offer?

Live casino offers a host of benefits for players.

The biggest advantage is that players are able to enjoy their favorite table games in real time with human dealers. They can have a user experience which is very authentic, just like they were in a land-based casino. They can watch the dealer’s actions and easily follow what’s happening in the game. The dealers are professionals who are fully-trained, just as you would expect in a bricks and mortar venue, so you can be confident you’ll have a great experience.

When you play at a live online casino you can also enjoy your favorite table games via your mobile device whenever and wherever you want. There’s no need to go anyway or to leave your living room. You can benefit from the most cutting edge technology and with the live streaming function, you’ll enjoy a fully interactive experience.

Another big benefit is the chat function which gives you a personal connection to the game so you’ll have a lot more fun, chatting to the dealer and other players. There are also often special bonus offers and deals which are specifically for online users. This makes it even more appealing.

You Can Enjoy Live Casino In The Middle Of Your Living Room

With an online live casino, you can enjoy playing all of your favorite table games in a real world-style environment without ever having to leave your home. You can simply stay on your sofa while you have a fully immersive gaming experience. This is great news for anyone who is physically unable to leave their home, who works on a shift pattern that means they cannot get to their local casino, or who don’t have a casino in their area.

What Are The Live Casino Bonuses?

There are several types of live casino bonus that you’ll find on live casino sites.

  • Deposit bonuses – these are the most commonly seen form of live casino bonus. Basically, if you make a specified amount of deposit, you’ll receive a percentage of it in bonus funds. Generally, it will be a 100% match, so if you deposit £100, you’ll receive an extra £100 in bonus funds leaving you with £200 in total to play with. However, sometimes you may find a 200% or even a 300% deposit match bonus if you’re lucky.
  • Cashback offers – this deal gives the player a refund if they lose on a game. There may be a first deposit cashback offer which is similar to a deposit match bonus. As an example, the cashback offer may be 50% up to £50. In such a case, if you deposit £100 and lose the whole amount, you get £50 back from the casino. You can often withdraw that amount, but you’ll need to check the terms and conditions. There may also be daily, weekly or monthly cashback offers which are generally awarded to VIPs who are playing for high stakes. In such a case, the casino may offer a rebate on losses. There is a third “cash on top” cashback offer which isn’t often seen. This is a kind of promotion which encourages more players to join the live casino games. This type of offer may give an additional percentage on wins up to a specified amount if you play for a set amount of time or wager a set amount of money.

Are There Any Live Casino Bonus With No Deposit?

Not only will you find the two types of bonus mentioned above, you’ll also find other live casino offers that require no deposit. These live casino no deposit bonuses are ideal for anyone who wants to try out a new live casino without any risk. Some live casinos will offer newly signed up players a small amount of bonus funds such as £5 or £10 which they can receive direct into their player account without any need to put down any deposit of their own. These will have a cap on the maximum amount of winnings – often around £50 – £100. There will also be wagering requirements, so make sure you read all the terms and conditions thoroughly before playing.

Why Live Casino Sites Don’t Offer Free Bonus For Live Casino?

Live casinos are still relatively new to the online casino market, so there aren’t as many bonus offers available to players as there are when it comes to standard online casino games. Also, since live casinos are fairly appealing anyway, there are fewer reasons to draw the punters in with tempting freebies. Perhaps this will change in the future when online live casinos become more commonplace.

Enjoy The Fun Of Live Casino On Mobile

If you’re keen to enjoy the fun of live casino games on the go, you’ll find that most live casino betting sites are fully mobile optimized so you can play through your smartphone or Android tablet anywhere and at any time. You’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite table games with a human dealer right there from the palm of your hand no matter where you may be. What could be better than that?

Online live casino gaming is a really fun and accessible way to experience the real world casino environment in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler who wants to enjoy all of the pleasures of the gaming floor in the privacy of your living room or whether you’re a newbie to gaming who wants to try out some table games without the pressure of being in a bricks and mortar venue where you need to know the rules and the etiquette, online live casino games could be perfect for you!