Slot Machine

The slot machine is one of the most interesting and popular gambling games ever made. But, the question is where did they originate? In this article, we are going to tell you the history of the slot machine at online casino sites. So, let’s get started.

History of Slot Machine

1891: The first slot machine was invented in the 19th century and designed and developed by New York-based company, Sittman Pit in the year 1891. The game was consisted of 5 drums and had a total of 50 playing cards. In the 19th century, the machine could be found in most of the bars. In order to play this game, that time players insert the money and pull leverage. To enhance the house of the edge, 2 cards were distracted from the slot machine, the heart, and spades. The machine had no direct pay-off process, which means the wines were paid at the bar. That time there no additional things were provided to the players like foods, drinks, and cigar.

1887- 1895: The inventor of the first slot machine was Charles Augustus Fey. There were no details of the invention date. However, it is said that this machine was manufactured between 1887-1895. One of the greatest flexibility of this machine was an automatic payout. This thing reduces the complexity of the game. The complexity of the machine was reduced by replacing 5 drums from 3 reels. Furthermore, he also replaced the playing cards with just 5 symbols like heart, diamond, spades, horseshoes, and a liberty bell. As this machine came with fewer complexities and high flexibilities, this machine had got greater popularity effortlessly.

1902-1908: Despite the fact that the slot machine was officially banned in 1902, the Liberty Bell continue to manufacture. This machine had something unique which was known as fruit symbols and the price was paid out in the form of chewing gums and sweet of the different flavors. In 1907, Chicago based manufacturer produced slot machine which was known as operator bell. As it one of the most interesting and enchanting gambling machine by 1908, it was found in shopping malls, casinos, and bars.

The Next Development:

For many years, the slot machines had been developing. In 1964, the bally had released the fully fledged electromechanical slot machine that name was Money Honey. The reel of this machine was operated electrically, yet the game was begun with pulling the lever. This was the first slot machine which offered an automatic payout of up to 500 coins. The game was tremendously popular among the gamblers because of electromechanical operating principle.

1976- 1978: 1976 was a revolutionary year for the slot machine. The slot was manufactured in Kearny by the Les Vegas company. This slot machine comes with video technology. This slot machine was first available in the Les Vega hotel. After, it gained huge popularity and got approval from the Nevada State of Gaming Commission. In 1978 this machine again updated with the advanced technology.

1996 Onwards:

The following achievement in the history of the slot machine came in 1996. The new thing comes with the machine is “Reel EM implemented by the WMS industries INC. At the time of the bonus round, the different screen was displayed. Along with that payout could be won during this bonus round. At this time this machine has become very popular. In fact, more than 70% of casinos use this machine.

Advancement in Slot Machine Technology:

When the slot machine comes with the random number generator, it gained more popularity. It is a computerized programmed which was implemented to simulate spinning reels and to produce outcomes. All thanks to technology, now all slot machines are operated with a single button. One of the biggest advancement in the slot machine is the online casino. Online slots offer flexibility to the players to play games at any time from any platform. The players love to play slots online in their free time and won prizes. Online slots offer multi-reel payout and have more than 100 pay lines.

The next move after the development of online slots is that online slots tournament. In these tournaments, the slots players across the world and compete with each other from their places. The biggest tournament of the slot machine in the history was $50,000.

Final say:

We hope, now you know the history of the slot machine. Without any doubt, the slot machine is one of the most preferable and popular game in casinos and shopping malls. People love to press the button to begin the game. For more information regarding slot machine, you can read our blogs.